About Us

Do you feel confident on a particular subject and think you know all about it? Then why not take a quiz to prove your mettle. At Quiz XL, we present you with a number of interesting questions on a variety of topics that can help you test your knowledge within a few minutes. Besides being a fun past time, our quizzes are also a smooth and fun way to enhance general knowledge on a wide variety of categories. Our broad set of quizzes are based on famous personalities, entertainment, which covers Hollywood too, travel, sports, geography and other miscellaneous topics. Instead of cramming the important aspects of the world, a neat way to know better and more about the world without getting tired or exhausted in the way is through playing a quiz.

Our quizzes are presented to you through a catchy interactive graphics display and help you to pick your choice among the four alternatives. By taking the quiz, you get to know your stand on the subject and can then proceed to know the right answers to the questions. In addition, after you take the quiz, you get scored out of 10, which you can then show to your friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Cool, right?